Sic Semper Tyrannis: What Does This Latin Phrase Mean?

We’ve covered a lot of educational topics here at Typing Adventure. From time to time, we have spelling blog posts that differentiate certain word pairings like good night and goodnight. We also talk about the meanings behind famous English phrases and idiomatic expressions, such as raining cats and dogs. This article, we’re going to tackle …

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online learning

Using Gamification for a Holistic Learning

Play, in any form, is inherent to a child. They come into contact with the external world through this activity. Children explore and understand concepts through unstructured play. Advancement in technology opened opportunities for them to engage in educational games. The education system recognizes this strong link between play and a child’s learning. At present, …

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car along the road

Driving Safety for Beginners

Driving is safer than ever. Over the decades, technological advancements such as seat belts, collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control have resulted in fewer auto accidents. Heavy investment in public campaigns and safety education has also equipped generations of motorists with the information they need to keep themselves and other people safe. Unfortunately, millions …

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